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We Do Doo
Are you tired of dealing with the less glamorous side of pet ownership? Picking up after your furry friends can be a real hassle. At We Do Doo, we understand that this chore is probably not on the top of your pet parent joys. 

Just like you rely on dog walkers, groomers, or other services, our pet waste clean-up is designed to make your life easier. The cost is tailored to your garden's size and the number of adorable canines in your family.

Choose from our flexible plans weekly, fortnightly, or even one-off cleans. We're here to keep your outdoor space fresh, clean, and green, ensuring a healthier and eco-friendly haven for your loved ones, both two and four-legged.

Ready to enjoy a poop-free garden hassle-free? Reach out to us through the Contact Us section now.


At We Do Doo, we offer professional dog waste removal services to keep your outdoor space clean and hygienic. Our pricing structure is tailored to accommodate different household sizes, ensuring affordability and convenience for our clients.  

Please be aware that all new customers will be subject to an initial cleaning fee. This fee ensures that your outdoor space is brought to a satisfactory level of cleanliness before transitioning to our regular service.

Please note that while the prices listed below reflect our usual charges, there may be variations in pricing for areas that require additional attention. Factors such as particularly large areas or challenging conditions, such as long grass, may incur adjusted pricing.

We strive to provide transparent and fair pricing for all our customers. If you have any questions or concerns about pricing or service details, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help!

One Visit per week

1 Dogs - £13
2 Dogs - £16
3 Dogs - £19
4 Dogs - £22
5+ Dogs - enquire for price

One Time / Initial Clean up

1 Dogs- £55
2 Dogs- £60
3 Dogs- £65
4 Dogs- £70
5+ Dogs - enquire for price

Once Visit per fortnight

1 Dogs - £22
2 Dogs - £26
3 Dogs - £30
4 Dogs - £34
5+ Dogs - enquire for price

You Pick, we Take away

1 Dogs - £7.50
2 Dogs - £8
3 Dogs - £8.50
4 Dogs - £9.00
5+ Dogs -£9.50
Bins & caddy's can be purchased from £10


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OWNER : Mark Forrest


All calls/enquiries should be directed to Mark in the first instance.


Telephone, Text or WhatsApp : 07922 545157




Website :


Address: Westside Auchluchries, Ellon AB41 8HQ

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